Improving Gaggia brew head temperature

Over recent weeks, I have wasted invested a lot of time investigating the Gaggia boiler thermodynamics. (All part of my master plan to have the entire machine at a stable temperature inside 2 minutes from power on.) A major obstacle to getting a stable temperature quickly is that the brew head takes for ever to warm up. Whilst thinking about this, I hit on an idea for improving the heat transfer from the aluminium boiler shell to the brew head: put heat-sink compound in the join between the shell and the brew head. Continue reading

Mulled Wine


1-2 sticks of cinnamon
1 nutmeg
15 cloves
5ml coriander seeds
5 cardamom pods
300ml orange juice (from 4-6 oranges)
¼ cup brown sugar
300ml water
750ml red wine
150ml cognac


Put everything except wine and spirit into a pot. (The cardamom needs shelling).

Float empty orange shells on top. (Assuming you didn’t short-cut it with carton stuff).

Simmer until spicy tasting.

Add wine and spirit and heat to almost boiling.

Don’t drink all at once.