7 thoughts on “Gaggia Baby Class Wiring

    • I don’t have a wiring diagram but it will be similar to the baby class. The major difference is whether you have a 110V or 220V version. The wiring tends to be complicated by the fact that Gaggia uses the boiler element to short circuit the heating indicator neon light. So when heating the light is off and when cooling it is on. Or, when at temperature it goes on. Voila! But it can be a head-scratcher working that out. What voltage are you on?

    • Man, I had to stare at that for quite a few minutes before working it out: it provides a path to mains neutral (blue wires) for the steam mode neon light (ST_LMP). This light will illuminate when the steam switch contacts 1 and 2 are open. This is not needed if the brew switch is also depressed but it is needed when that is not the case. It has to be a highish value resistor for the case when the steam switch is not depressed and contacts 1 and 2 are closed, at which point one end of the resistor is connected to mains live (orange wire).

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