Scary promises

Yesterday for morning prayer, we had the story of Caleb and Joshua and the spying out of the promised land from Numbers 14. I was struck by how the Israelites were so fearful of entering the promised land, full of God’s bounty and, instead, wanted to go back to slavery in Egypt. I think we are often like this: God’s generosity is an unknown quantity and feels scary. Egypt is unpleasant but it is a known quantity and that feels safe.

Isn’t this true? Do we not all sometimes think “Better the Egypt you know than the promised land you don’t”?

What is so sad about the Numbers 14 story is that the promises were lost to the people. That entire generation had to pass away. Forty years had to pass by before God’s promises could, finally, be fulfilled.

Oh Lord, help us to trust you and not to rob ourselves of the bounty you have laid up for us.

One thought on “Scary promises

  1. five or six years ago I was offered a seat in the house of lords after a unanimous vote in the chamber. I decided against it, even though I only had cross the rubicon.
    Slavery may be better!

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